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Collectible Car Sales & Consignment
28814 Old Valley Pike | Strasburg, VA 22657 | (703) 552-9537
Collectible Car Sales & Consignment
28814 Old Valley Pike | Strasburg, VA 22657 | (703) 552-9537

Built On Value & Service - GEARHEADS in Strasburg, VA


Selling a car or truck can be frustrating and time consuming. Sell your vehicle like you sell your home – have an expert do the hard work of packaging, pricing and promoting it for you. We can maintain your vehicle at our facility, or you can keep it at home. Gearheads will handle showings and negotiations, complete the transaction paperwork, and even finance the buyer.

You as a seller can help us achieve maximum value for a vehicle. We encourage the seller to provide to us anything relevant to the vehicle and for its new owner. All receipts outlining cosmetic and mechanical work, documents providing information on ownership history, newsletter or magazine articles, spare parts, tools, service books and owner’s manuals. These items are extremely helpful to the sale and undoubtedly add value in the eyes of the buyer. The seller holds the original title and provides Gearheads with a photocopy of the title and proof of insurance. The seller needs to keep their vehicle registration / plates up to date and insurance policy in force until the vehicle title is transferred.

  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
  • Recommend and perform repairs to maximize price
  • Full vehicle cleaning and detail
  • Research market for comparable pricing
  • Review wholesale and retail market data
  • Establish a minimum and target price
  • Prepare a vehicle writeup including features, condition, recent maintenance and history
  • Perform a professional photo shoot with narrated walk around video
  • Maintain the car for presentation on either our retail lot or in our covered storage location
  • List the vehicle on the Gearheads website
  • Place ads in the appropriate venues such as Hemmings, Bring a Trailer, eBay Motors and specialty sites
  • We field all the inquiries and negotiate the sale with the buyer
  • We handle all the appropriate paperwork including the Buyers Order, escrow and title transfer
  • We complete the title and tag work with the Motor Vehicle Department
  • We provide financing and warranties through quality third party specialty companies to assist the buyer and assist the transaction
Please call Gearheads with any questions about the process or how to consign your vehicle.

About Us

What is Gearheads? We are a small group of like-minded automotive enthusiasts who know that buying and owning an interesting or classic vehicle is great fun. But when the time comes to sell that car or truck it can be frustrating and time consuming. We have a way to help you sell while connecting with other enthusiasts and having some fun.
When the time comes to part with your collector, classic or vintage car, let Gearheads handle the job. Why deal with the hassle? Gearheads will have the car inspected, discuss the condition with you and recommend options to maximize the return. Think of it like selling a home - the real estate agent handles most of it for you. Gearheads will market the vehicle, handle showings and negotiations, complete the transaction paperwork and even finance the buyer.

If your thinking of selling your collectable classic give us a call 703-847-3878. We would love to meet you!

In addition to our regular business hours Gearheads staff are always available by appointment.


Charles Hamly (General Manager) became a “car guy” at an early age, and has spent over 30 years working in the automotive aftermarket. He began his career as an installer in the car stereo industry, culminating his two–decade career as Manager of a major multi-store chain of installation shops spanning the Washington Metropolitan Area. After car stereo, Charles transitioned into automotive restoration and collection management. Working with well-known collectors, he oversaw the restoration and maintenance of a variety of vintage vehicles, ranging in value between $50,000 and $10,000,000. He has had the opportunity to road-test everything from a Stanley Steamer to one of the original 26 Ford GT-40 street cars. He has also driven a number of ultra-rare 1950s Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and was instrumental in bringing these cars to the world’s premiere automotive stages such as the Pebble Beach Concours and many others. As a Client Relations and Project Manager, Charles garnered the respect of his clients and his colleagues over the years for his vast knowledge and unfailing trustworthiness.
In his spare time, Charles works on his own vintage vehicles, and enjoys attending local car shows and gatherings. His current collection includes several Pontiac GTOs, a Pantera GTS, and a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon.